Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Terrae Vertebrae: Non-Humans (Half-Giants)

Verbatim from the Trygvir entry: There is also the remains of an Atlantis-analogue as run by Giants. Half Giants remain in Trygvir (Eight foot or so tall, some hooves, horns, bone spurs, immensely strong; slow of speech but not foolish. Touch also of Shadowrun trolls. Pseudo-Atlantis was a fairly cosmopolitan place.) remain, a shadow of what has gone before. Ancient and mysterious ruins; one might contemplate Nephilim references?

As promised, a set of rules (untested) for playing as a Half-Giant character. 

Advantages: Automatic 12 AC.
Can jump, reach higher/further without making rolls (IE, The Fighter can only jump the ten foot gap with a successful athletics roll. The Half-Giant easily makes it, but must roll for the fifteen foot jump)
Roll d8 for HP.
+10 Body Save - The Strength of the Giants endures.
+2 Melee Bonus; +1 Missile.
Instead of Fighter Powers:  At first level, can attack two enemies at once if both adjacent. By third level, three. Stops there; fighter powers resume.
Opens most locked doors automatically. But they stay permanently open.
Do more damage with sized up weapons; 25% more (round up).

Disadvantages: Higher cost for weapons & armour; must be especially made.
Minus to Civil Relations type Charisma uses; you’re a big hulking thing and slow of speech, esp. in non-Trygvir Society.
Only +3 Speed Save. You’re a big hulking thing. Doesn’t apply to Missile Bonus – you have presumably been training with it.
+3 Mind save.
-2 Penalty to sneak. You’re a big hulking thing. 
-2 Penalty to Handiwork on Smaller objects. You’re a big hulking thing.
Weird physiology means healing from Serious Injuries is difficult for Humans to help with.
Must start with background NORTHERN ISLES.

Start with (Plus/Minus Bonuses) One Knowledge, One each Notice Detail/Hear Noise. Zero Handiwork, Zero Stealth, Zero Athletics.
Level advance similar to fighter. Size Two - this can work against you!

Half Giants are native to Trygvir, but can be found in other places. Most resist conversion to the Faith of the Eight. They lack any real magical talent, but they can have some degree of faith based powers in the vein of 52 Pages Prophets (something that might be the subject for character advancement, as per the glimpses of the Next 52 Pages). Further articles shall dwell more on the lore of this, though it may be difficult to adequately balance the advantages of being a ten foot power-house and possessing spell-casting abilities.

Considering the 'Non-Humans as specialisation' model I've been working with on Terrae Vertebrae, the physical endurance and might of the Half-Giants and the Giants is best perhaps contrasted with the denizens of faerie: master-manipulators of the mind and of magic - but not terribly resistant to cold iron! 

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