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Terrae Vertebrae: Ancestor Spirits of the Giants

They are old, but lucid – if obsessed. They like being talked to. Each has an area they like taking about. Each has a token one is meant to offer them as a sign of respect and as something for the spirit to physically interact with – thus it is normally smallish. Tokens the spirit has kept for a long time are imbued with something of the spirit and can be used for long-distance communication and prayer.
Not respecting a spirit by ignoring them only has consequences if near their dwelling place or temple. 

Social consequences only happen in Half-Giant tribes (and then mostly only to the local spirit – if you disrespected one on the other side of the valley that was stupid, but it’s not their fight...); the Giant civilisation long since past presumably had methods of making sure respect was offered.

Spirits have...../A Designation/ A Sex/ A Preferred topic of conversation or method of interaction/ A Suitable offering [can be non-physical, but often there are a number of physical options, even really abstract topic]/Other Remarks

/The Coin-Counter/Female/ Money, trade, banking/Coins

/The Player of Games/Female/ A Rousing game of chess, cards &c and a discussion on it afterwards/ A gaming piece/ She is making her own game and has been putting a lot of thought into it.

/The Old Soldier/Female/War!/Military Paraphernalia, Weapons, &c./

/The Wrestler/Male/Wrestling, boxing &c. Will have weird ghostly arm wrestle and probably lose, but is a good sport/An Arm ring or similar token.

/The Hunter/Male/Huntin’, Fishin’ and Shootin’/Hunting Trophy (or similar)

/The Gardener/Male/Gardening (esp. Flowers)/Flowers (esp. fancy cultivated ones)/ Very proud of his rose garden – deservedly so, since he’s in the tundra!

/The Harvester/Female/Crop-raising; like the gardener, but more practical – raising things you can eat/Fruit, Grains, Vegetables

/The Teller of Tales/Male/Stories, the taller the tale the better!/A story! Something solid? An ornamental letter

/The Archivist/Female/History/An accurate account of ongoing events or past events/Writing Materials/has a vast historical collection of tomes and is compiling an ongoing HISTORY OF THE WORLD FROM YEAR ONE!!!!

/Smiler/Female/Comic stories, jokes/Likes to receive same; physical token - some silly trinket/ 

/The Fisher/Male/Fish, sea creatures, the sea/Fish, fishing paraphernalia

/The Tailor/Male/Sewing, textiles/Sewing stuffs, tapestries, &c

/The Thinker/Male/Philosophy, Logic, Inquiry/Books on Same

/The Rider/Female/Domestication of Animals, Farming of same/Horse stuff, cattle stuff

/’Old Man Fang’/Male/Teeth/Teeth and Some Ivory/He’s really kind of creepy. Really. Not necessarily malevolent but really weird.

/The Grandfather/Male/The Old Days, how much better things were, the shocking lack of respect these days, we wouldn’t have let a little thing like the destruction of our civilisation get in our way /Something from the Old Days

/The Reveller/Male/Beer, Wine, Spirituous liquors/A libation of same, an ornamental bottle

/The Falconer/Female/Birds, bird life/A feather (No pigeons. Or Ptarmigans.)

/He who watches over Lovers/Male/Romantic Love/Tales of Same; physical token – A carved heart or pair of figures holding hands or entwined some other way

/The Judge/Male/THE LAW, Courtrooms, enforcement, arbitration, discussion of same/A law code, a touchstone

/The Architect/Female/Buildings/A Plum bob or set square/Twinned with The Geometrician

/The Geometrician/Female/Abstract Mathematics/A Slate and Stylus/Twinned with the Architect

/The Chambermaid/Female/Physical Love and Beauty/A token of same –perfume, lock of hair, handkerchief/Designation at least partially ironic.

/The Dweller in the Snows/Male/The Cold, Snow, Frost, &c/Ornamental snowflake design

/The Arsonist/Male/FIRE!!/Flammable Materials, Charcoal, Flint and Steel, tinderbox.

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