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Terrae Vertebrae: Knightly Orders

On the basis that anything aping Medieval Europe will have orders of Knights, be they secular or organised by the Faith and that both Fighters and Militants might appreciate the chance to belong to a greater organisation (not that this is obligatory, or even necessary - see Prophets, and why they get called that in The 52 Pages).

For MR and UR consult the Faith of the Eight posts.

Order of St.Vaderian – Nicquardy based order for Royals. Predates MR/UR split, so is open to both, but dominant in worship forms, customs &c. MR. Most kings don’t seem to mind.

Order of the White Wings – based on Nicquard second sons who went to Talliz to bolster the borders and inherited the wings of the hussars. Nicquard/Talliz, principally.

Order of the Green Collar – Torwick. Cf. Sir Gawain. Principal order of chivalry. UR. Female members by association (some of which are fighters), but all of which get to wear emerald silk arms-covers.

The Order of the Golden Talon – V. Recent Talliz order, founded by the current King for his supporters. UR

The Brothers of the Fierce Owl – Old Guard Talliz border lords. ‘The eye that watcheth in the night’ against raids. Opposition to the Golden Talon. UR

The Knights of the Long Valley – Fahflund political faction. Conservative aristocracy; not lacking in military skill, but rarely focuses specifically on it. Still a force to be reckoned with in war, due to wealth if nothing else. MR

The Brethren of the Tall Tower – Fahflund burgher urban order; a deliberate counterpoint to the Knights of the Long Valley, but not nearly as wealthy.

Twelvepine Lodge – Sylmunnion. Heroes of the far north.

The Little Brothers of St. Dimitri – Talliz rough and ready heroic order. [‘Little? That man is six foot seven!’  ‘Ha! Before St. Dimitri, we are all little! Have some more Kvass!’]

The Equestrian Order of the Seventh Aspect – Kapalleron rapid-response knights. Colours: navy blue and gold. MR

The Long Horns – oldest and grandest Trygvir warrior band. Somewhat crusty. Halfgiant membership allowed.

Grand Order of the Splendid Shield –Novopolian order of knights. Now known more for foppery than anything else. MR
NB – Talliz hordes function similarly to knightly orders and in some ways replace them.

The Knights-Errant of St. Berengaria – Questers into Elven lands. Bring them into the fold. Gender neutral. Moderately scholarly. UR (mainly).

The Band of Iron – international order, designed to ensure good relations with dwarves. MR (mainly)

The White Star Order of St Lemuel – maritime order. Principally western. Symbol: white eight pointed star on navy blue. Cf. Knights of Malta; crusade focus. Also deal with distressed seamen. Known as ‘The White Stars’. MR

The Peregrine Order of the Vigilant – the ones who inform for the Questors. Moderately sneaky.

The Custodian Knights of St. Castrum – crusader die hards. Dug in on the Punth border.

The Order of the Steel Suns – First Aspect militants. As often female as male, with combat roles in theory mainly male. Very different in practice. Known as ‘The Steel Suns’. MR

The Order of St. Ophelia the Bloodyminded –origins in Nicquardy. Female only. Spreading... MR,but open-minded.

St Godric’s Hand –demonhunters. Serious business.

The Harts of Oak – Knights devoted to the Third Aspect. Deliberately masculine in practice; but not necessarily male.  Stag/Oak imagery. Not quite druids. MR. Hope you like big silly wooden antlers.

The Sacristans Belligerent – guardians of churches in remote and hostile places.

The Anointed Sisters of St Rhadegunt de Sanglier – Female only; taking the faith into dark places. Have a charter allowing for defensive forces. Not only military, but not pacifistic.

The Enshrouded Order of the Eighth Aspect – Nirvanite, but range further. Ancestor cult in arms. Put down the undead (other orders will do so, but these guys have a specific remit). Gender neutral, but who can tell under the robes. MR

The Swift and Resplendent Order of the Fourth Aspect – Couriers and bankers, with a charter for self-defence (generally lay brothers and ‘consultants’, rather than dedicated warrior monks). Being superseded by Novopolis banking houses in the west and St Tankred in the East. Suggested they might have a future as a financial regulatory body. MR

The Choir of Steel – Fanatics. The MR Attack dogs.

The Five and Twenty Terrible Clerks – Fanatics. UR attack dogs. Named for the ones who went berserk at a theological conference. Name initially ironic; clearly not very good clerks if they went on a rampage. Soon proven to be dreadfully true.

A bit of both; rather local but ultimately clerical
The Order of St Tankred – military, financial and political power in Hurdamark. Sometimes get round to killing monsters. UR

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