Sunday, 2 April 2017

Does Terrae Vertebrae and my style of play allow for.....

(A series of questions that help test the boundries of any given setting. Try them out yourself if you will.)

Low Fantasy?
If you mean Tim Powers or Buffy the Vampire Slayer real-world setting, no. If you mean that the characters can take on the demon with just cold iron and true grit, then perhaps.
High Fantasy?
Romantic Fantasy?
Yes – but more in the elements of plot rather than scene dressing. There are opportunities for peaceful negotiation and relationship-building, empathy, diplomacy, healing, and love”.  Not so many magical horses. (
Stereotypical genre Romance?
Only if you want to share the Romantic Boudoir scenes with five other guys. And only if those five want to be in the Boudoir (after a fashion) too.  And if you want me as the interior decorator of the Boudoir.
See Romance, then x  1,000. Not that a scene couldn’t have slight erotic suggestions, or that this is a universe without a hint of eroticism.
Urban Fantasy?
Cities? Yes. Contemporary cities? No. Magical Detecives fighting sassy werewolves? No.
Dry, dusty MR James Horror?
Difficult to do when your characters are designed to RIP AND TEAR in numerous ways, but it has been done.
Oozy, horrible body Horror?
I’d have to work on my delivery.
Hammer Horror?
Certainly. But the society of the setting would be a difficult one to go full Dracula in without attracting unwelcome attention.
Lovecraftian Shenanigans?
One could have Cthulu-style nasties. But the background existential despair is probably out. There’s far more certainty and logic to the universe.
Weird Fiction?
Probably get swamped in everything else.
Hard Science Fiction?
Only if you can think of The Baroque Cycle as Science Fiction. A character could extend certain technological and magical principles to a logical conclusion to Dungeon Punk ends (but would they have time in between adventures?).
Space Opera?
Not really. Regular Opera is fine. Though some elements of Sword and Planet are possible.
Corridors of Power Political Drama?
Not as such. Besides, why have an inventory if you don’t use it yourself?
Classical Epic?
Not really.
If Macbeth or Coriolanus, the players will only be spearcarriers. If Othello , they possibly could be main characters.
Classical Comedy?
That could be fun. Players are summoned to a mansion as bodyguards for the local Duke’s grand ball and play matchmaker.
I should like to avoid it as near as possibly. Farcical elements, maybe. But the universe is playing it straight, even if the players/characters aren’t.
Detective Fiction?
I’d have to come up with a good game mechanic.
Difficult to say. The setting isn’t really corrupt enough (or doesn't carry the same air of corruption). Could be the odd city.
Current, biting political satire?
No. Breaks immersion a little.
Military Fiction?
Yes, we fight things. But the Characters are unlikely to be on the front lines in the clash of armies. Sharpe – no. Hornblower – no. Where Eagles Dare – maybe. Ice Cold in Alex – maybe.
Why not. But new mechanics, &c.
No silicon chips.
No steam engine.
No steam engine, no gunpowder. Not enough frontier.
Courtroom Drama?
Why not. I’ve seen it done.
Lost World?
Most of the world is fairly well known. But there are corners that could hold something dinosaur shaped.
You can tell them, but I know precisely what you’re capable of.
Gothic fiction?
The Picaresque gets in the way.
No. Terrae Vertebrae is not a dystopia. Though we could play the Galadriel’s Mirror vision of the future approach to imply something. Actually visiting the place could be done, but grudgingly.
Post Apocalyptic?
See Dystopia.
Time Travel?
See Dystopia. But the in-universe gods probably frown on Dr Who style shenanigans and solutions to problems.
Parallel Universe?

See Dystopia. 

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