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Terrae Vertebrae: The Faith of the Eight - A Theological Calendar

This demands some context. This was the brainchild of myself and a player - both of us with some interest and knowledge of the Anglican Rite.  That was one source of inspiration; the other is these posts doing much the same thing. 

The stars have an explanation at the bottom; the lowest two ranks are there for completeness's sake.

There is a reason for the months, deriving from an incident in gameplay. Before actually investing in a calendar for my players, the month of April grew a few extra days in the records - thereafter referred to as the first days of  Mayril. A precedent so set, it was swiftly extended to each other month.

6th – Feast of St. Konnor, patron of children (MR/UR) **
3rd Sunday – Feast of the Glorious Revelation (MR/UR) **** [IE, The Sibyl of the Rocks receiving her vision. Important esp. to Priests.]

4th Sunday – Feast of the First Aspect (MR) **** [Light out of darkness. Quite a tangible celebration; candles, lights, Dawn Service and vigil.]
22nd – Feast of St. Tycho, patron of fathers (MR/UR) **

4th – Feast of St. Ludmilla, patron of mothers (MR/UR) ***
22nd – Feast of St. Guthram, patron of monasticism (MR/UR) ***

1st Sunday – Feast of the Second Aspect (MR/UR) ***** [Somewhat Easter-like; light, colour, springtime, love. Popular with laity. Not a feast UR necessarily want to celebrate, but ingrained on the Lay Consciousness.]
19th – Feast of St. Lassiter, patron of Knight Errantry (MR/UR) ** [Not the only ‘military’ saint, but certainly the most presentable.]

2nd Sunday – Start of the Octave of the Third Aspect (MR/UR) ****  [Eight Days, festival of Discipline, fasting &c. Somewhat Lent-like. More popular with priests than laity.]
Monday of the Octave of the Third Aspect – Feast of St. Tybault, Patron of Penitents (MR/UR) ***
24th – Feast of St. Clareta, patron of maids (MR/UR) **

6th – Feast of St. Eulaina, patron of marriage (MR/UR) **
3rd Sunday – Feast of the Fourth Aspect (MR) **** [Midsummer; commerce, fairs and festivities.]

2nd Sunday – Feast of Eightfold Unity (UR) ****
14th – Feast of St. Engarras, patron against Heresy (MR) ** [Popular with priests; thinly veiled up-yours to UR.]

1st Sunday – Feast of the Fifth Aspect (MR) *** [Aspect of Scholars and Gradual Work. Not a popular or relevant feast necessarily.]
17th – Feast of St. Oderic, patron of farmers (MR/UR) ***

8th  – Feast of St. Gweneth, patron of cattle (MR/UR) ***
19th – Feast of St. Lemuel, patron of trade (MR/UR) **

2nd Sunday – Feast of the Sixth Aspect (MR/UR) ***** [Post-Harvest Thanksgiving. Rural celebration concentrates on Plenty and Prosperity. The Urban emphasis somewhat reinforces ‘Obey and Look what good things you get!’; the Civilisation and Law angles of the Sixth Aspect.]
27th – Feast of St. Roak, patron of Friars (MR/UR) ***

1st Sunday – Feast of the Seventh Aspect (MR) ***
26th – Feast of St. Godric, patron against the demonic (MR/UR) **

5th – St. Vaderian, patron of Kings, the Nobility, and good government (MR/UR) ***
13th – Feast of St. Laterus, patron of almsgiving (MR/UR) **
Final 8 days – Octave of the Eighth Aspect (MR/UR) ***** [Pseudo Christmas, Yule. Not a feast UR necessarily want to celebrate, but ingrained on Lay Consciousness.]

Star Rating Key:
***** Universal [Well, across Pseudo-Christendom] and well loved.
**** Near universal, largely popular and/or theologically necessary.
*** Generally appreciated, if not necessarily popular.
**   Potentially desirable to most people. Observed rather than celebrated per se.
* Generally for saints (or theological concepts) with a very narrow appeal – patrons of trades, patrons of nations. Not relevant to this calendar.
§  ‘White Dwarf Saints’; important to a very small number. Think of Saints that only appear in fragmented histories of one region, or are only celebrated by one town up in the hills.

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