Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Terrae Vertebrae: The Faith of the Eight - Tendencies in the Church

Tendencies in the Church, across both Rites, sometimes tending to heresy, decadence, radicalism and overzealousness

The Beatific Tendency. The Eightfold God is always watching (or the Divine Servants of same are watching, which comes to the same thing). It is better to look at beautiful things than ugly ones. Therefore, the faithful should make their every action a pleasing and dignified one.

In Practice – This might work very nicely in strictly enclosed orders, but for those outside it rather leads to overindulgence. Sins are committed in increasingly pleasant fashions. Everyday work is carried out in a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing manner. It has upsides (violence is ugly, or can be generally speaking, drunkenness is generally ugly), but followers of this tendency don’t stick to the straight and narrow as one would wish. This tendency emerged (and contributed) to elements of the split between the Collegiate Rite.

The Tranquil Tendency One should only be moved by the will of the Eightfold God. Therefore, emotional impacts should be carefully considered as to their divine origin, and if they lack such an origin, resisted.
In Practice – Stoicism. Slow consideration. Curious aloofness, arrogance. Fairly anti-social.
The Academic Tendency  Teaching! Scholarship! Learning! Argument! Proper Theological Principles impressed into every congregant!

In Practice – long sermons, lots of schools founded. Not actually bad, but rather difficult to implement and rather distracts from the regular rites and charitable deeds. Can lead to argumentative laypersons. Less than practical.

Perhaps there are more tendencies that could be added to this list. Worthy of consideration.

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