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Malacandra Trio

Springing off my Pfifltriggi post a few months or so ago, I thought it only right to offer templates for the other sapient races of Malacandra - once again in the form of The 52 Pages. From the top:


The Sorn (Pl.  variously Seroni or Sorns) is  more or less humanoid - but far taller than any man, 'two or three times the height'. Further, despite the sorn's height it is spindly and 'top heavily pouted in the chest' with a drooping nose and mouth. Indeed, when Ransom encounters one tête-à-tête for the first time the face is unnervingly close to possessing human features, though soon 'the ideas of "giant" or "ghost" receded behind that of "goblin" or "gawk",'. The sorn's features are 'grotesque, not horrible.' It differs further from humanity in possessing a natural coat of something more feathery than furry; this coat is described in the sorns of one area as being white or creamy, but red for desert dwellers. Their hands are fan-shaped, have seven fingers-these being thin, something like a bird's leg. Their gait is certainly not human. They are capable of travelling carrying a man on their shoulders.

The sorn happily resides at altitudes that would imperil human life in the thinness of the air. They show a familiarity with abstract thought; a pfifltrigg says that 'no one learns the sorns' speech, for you can change their knowledge into any words and it remains the same.' This knowledge may be abstract, but can be put into practice; witness the oxygen cylinder Ransom must use on the heights- thought by seroni, made by pfifltriggi. They are not purely airy speculators either; examining the heavens with something like a telescope. Nor are they, somehow, a caste of theorists - one, Augray, supports himself as a shepherd, consuming milk and cheese. They possess names 'big-sounding' to the pfifltriggi - Augray, Arkal, Belmo, Falmay. They seem to be fairly solitary and 'make least account of females'. Their humour 'seldom got beyond irony'.

Out of the Silent Planet: The Sorn by Deimos-Remus
By Nathan J. Anderson


Size: 3

HP - d6+2+ CON +/-.

Attack Modifiers - +1 Melee.
Mind Save 9 + WIS +/-
Speed Save 5 + DEX+/-
Body Save  7 + CON +/-

Knowledge    Notice Detail   Hear Noise   Handiwork   Stealth   Athletics
      [XX]               [XX]                [X]              [ ]              [  ]             [X]

Starts with Background Words: Mountain, Language: Old Solar, Spells: 1+INT bonus.

Level Advancement: +1 Melee every Fourth Level
                                    +1 to all Saves every Odd Level
                                    +2 Spells per level

Spells cast as Wizard. Spells are learnt through study, as a Wizard - but the 'flavour' of the Seroni magic is a logical, semi-mathematical process, rather than a messy, ecstatic intuitive matter.


The hross (pl. hrossa) are about seven feet tall, 'covered, face and all, in thick black animal hair, and whiskered like a cat.'  They have short legs with webbed feet and a beaver-like tail. The hrossa is described as being 'something like a penguin, something like an otter, something like a seal; the slenderness and flexibility of the body suggested a giant stoat.' They wear few clothes, but bear girdles with tools and pouches. A 'greater crested hross' is mentioned - ten foot tall, a fine dancer.

Some dwell in the low river valleys, in communities that farm and fish. The hrossa is fond of poetry (or dancing)  - excessively so, if the sorn Augray is to be believed. They are beyond this hunters - and make poetry about their hunting of ferocious beast called the hnakra. This poetry is not written down. They have names like Hnoh, Hhihi, Hyoi, Hlithnahi, Hnohra, Hyahi and Whin. 


HP - d6+2+ CON +/-.

Attack Modifiers - +2 Melee, +2 Missile
Mind Save 5 + WIS +/-
Speed Save 9 + DEX+/-
Body Save  7 + CON +/-

Knowledge    Notice Detail   Hear Noise   Handiwork   Stealth   Athletics
      [X]               [X]                [X]                 [X]                 [X]             [X]

Starts with Background Words: River Valley, Language: Old Solar, and One Fighter Ability. They cannot start with any Scripts, but they are superior swimmers.

To play a Hross, a player must have CHA +1 - reflecting their command of poetry and general speech-craft.

Level Advancement: +1 Melee, +1 Missile every Even Level
                                    +1 to all Saves every Odd Level
                                    +1 Fighter Ability every Four Levels

Out of the Silent Planet: The Hrossa by Deimos-Remus
By Nathan J. Anderson
For completeness's sake....


HP - d6+1+ CON +/-.

Attack Modifiers - +1 Melee/+1 Missile.
Mind Save 7 + WIS +/-
Speed Save 9 + DEX+/- [They are shown to jump quite far]
Body Save  5 + CON +/-

Knowledge    Notice Detail   Hear Noise   Handiwork   Stealth   Athletics
      [XX]               [X]                [X]                [X][X]             [  ]             [X]

Starts with Background Words: Underground, Language: Old Solar and Two Pfifltriggi Tools (see below).

Level Advancement: +1 Melee/ +1 Missile every Fourth Level
                                    +1 to all Saves every Odd Level
                                    +1 Pfifltriggi Tool every Level (see below)

A Pfifltrigg may carry a great number of tools that may perform some physical function similar to Energy/Creation/Change spells or an otherwise bulky item of equipment. These have the same limitations as such spells (only so much fireball juice in the fireball machine). They gain such items once per level and must manufacture them personally, providing time and money for raw materials, parts and testing.

Out of the Silent Planet: The Pfifltriggi by Deimos-Remus
By Nathan J. Anderson
(Doubtless there are other artists who have made illustrations for Malacandra - but these are jolly good, and show the human form into the bargain for purposes of comparison!)

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