Sunday, 25 June 2017

d20 Wizarding Home Furnishings

1. A stuffed crocodile, suspended from the ceiling. Everyone at the Arcane College had one.
2. A twenty-eight league bootrack, suitable for two pairs of seven-league boots. A chest full of seven-league boot polish and brushes for the application of same sits next to it.
3. An invisible bell-pull with which one may summon an invisible servant.
4. A colony of sentient mothballs, that hover inside a wardrobe. They will attack any moths nearby, doing 1d6 damage - more than enough to obliterate most moths. Anything that might be a moth prompts a conclave of the Parliament of the Mothballs. If convinced that something is a moth, they will attack it.
5. Handprinted runic wallpaper.
6. Securely locked bookcases/scroll racks. This is because A) Wizards are enormously protective of their books, B) the bylaws of the Mages' Guild are very clear about letting just anyone near a spellbook, C) The tomes therein are dangerous not only in the wrong hands but to those wrong hands themselves.
7. Green-shaded desk lamp, with a will-o'-the-wisp inside.
8. A dresser displaying several magic mirrors, scrying dishes, &c.
9. A stack of outsize hatboxes, to accommodate hat points without denting them.
10. Writing desk with attendant Hand of Glory trained to function as stenographer (the severed member's shorthand is passable at best).
11. A cage suitable for an avian familiar.
12. Curtains, opaque from the outside and transparent from the inside, made from the same fabric as invisibility cloaks. Perfect for the paranoid, or those who want the warmth of drawn curtains while keeping the natural light offered by the window.
13. Gargoyle perch (with 1d3 gargoyles claiming occupancy).
14. Magic embroidered sampler. Like a magic carpet, but smaller and less hardy. Choice of text on sampler dependent on the tastes of the wizard in question.
15. Jewel casket, with numerous niches for amulets, rings of power, &c. Securely locked. Quite emphatically none-magical; made of materials designed to prevent the items within interfering with one another in hazardous fashions. Magic spells cast at it have a stronger chance of failing than usual - and if they succeed, will succeed in ways quite unexpected.
16. A set of occasional tables. Given the eccentric nature of wizarding occasions, there are about twenty all told.
17. Thaumaturgic grounding rod, kept in the Apprentices' quarters, in case of accidents.
18. Self-folding rug.
19. A skittles alley. The pins return themselves to an upright position a minute after being knocked down. They will do this on any flat solid surface.
20. Extraplanar potpourri.

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