Sunday, 2 October 2016


Why have a blog? Why have this blog?

Effectively, the answer is that I enjoy tabletop gaming and speculative fiction - and the things that help fuel these.

I myself have a grounding in the Old School Renaissance of Dungeons and Dragons. This has principally with the concise and user-friendly 52 Pages, on either side of the GM’s screen.

Added to this is a lifelong enthusiasm for history, eventually manifesting itself in post-graduate study, as well as a scattered interest in related fields.

Finally, I read and write with some little enthusiasm. An awful lot of this writing has been in worldbuilding for games and it may as well be made available for public consumption and discussion; hence the title.

It seems a little impolite to just dump page after page of setting notes here, so some sort of proportion – perhaps two pieces of new or widely applicable material for every piece of archived, focused work – ought to be worked out.

Let us see what this produces. 

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